Is your organization interested in hosting an Art of Mass Gatherings for Performing Arts Symposium?


Majestic Collaborations has funding through the Performing Arts Readiness (PAR) program to host seven day-long symposium around emergency preparedness for festivals and other outdoor events featuring the performing arts, including live music, dance, etc. The symposia would occur before, during, and after your event, using your event as a means to teach up to 50 participants. PAR will provide financial support for the symposia. Additional information is provided below.

The PAR project, funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, seeks to improve emergency preparedness among performing arts organizations through advocacy and outreach. The national PAR team works to raise awareness, increase resources, and provide training that addresses the unique needs of the performing arts industry. PAR also is developing tools to assist with planning and advocacy and is providing grants to support emergency response networks and develop institutional preparedness plans. As part of this project, PAR is working with Majestic Collaborations (MC) as an emergency preparedness consultancy to develop a curriculum and coordinate a series of symposia for the performing arts industry.

Collaboration between the symposium sponsors and host organization will allow each host to highlight their approach and expertise, and the event curriculum will be dynamic with relevance to individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in the topics below (hosts may select some topics to suit their anticipated audience):

(Hosts may select some topics to suit their anticipated audience):

  • Life safety, health, and public welfare
  • Event waste reduction and management as part of emergency preparedness
  • Cultural placekeeping
  • Climate change resilience
  • Legal concerns and emergency plans
  • Mental and physical health first aid
  • Crowd management
  • Entertainment and emergency systems (waste, water, weather, power, interactive content/innovative audience communications to enhance safety
  • Enhancing accessibility – physical and other
  • Transportation and tactical urbanism
  • Harm reduction, gender safety, and trauma-informed practices
  • Emergency planning for non-traditional venues, and immersive events

Gatherings like festivals, concerts, and other special events are simultaneously powerful and vulnerable. Embracing a whole community approach to safety and preparedness means helping event producers master the art of mass gatherings. The symposia feature indoor panels, presentations, and learning tours through the hosting festival led by recognized experts. PAR and MC staff work directly with local agencies, businesses, and organizations to co-develop a symposium that is intended to be locally relevant while attracting thinkers and doers who may travel in from other locales.

Seven performing arts festivals will be selected to host a day-long symposium, free of charge for up to 50 attendees.

PAR will provide:

  • Symposium registration, set-up, presentation, and clean-up
  • Curriculum Framework
  • Food and beverages for all attendees.
  • 4 visiting presenters/experts
  • An honorarium for culture bearers for a Native Land Recognition and translation support when needed.

Expectations from Host:

  • Facility for hosting portions of the symposium indoors that can accommodate 50 seated participants.
  • Contribution of two event security staff and one police or sheriff officer (diversity is appreciated) committed to AOMG on the day of the symposium, 8am-5pm
  • Participation in phone conferences as needed for planning prior to the event
  • Assistance in coordinating with key local partnerships and stakeholders to attend a ½ day planning meeting to occur approximately 6 months prior to the event. We will work collaboratively to generate the symposium’s agenda, presenting line-up and ideas for integrating audience, creatives, and community into the AOMG activities

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