Full-day symposiums introduce people to a wide variety of skills to plan and execute safe, sustainable, accessible, and community-minded events.

Through collaborations like these, we empower ourselves to collectively advance and enhance the power of gatherings.


Organizers of mass gatherings are not simply grappling with choosing a venue, selling tickets, or booking acts. They are considering the weather, power, security, and crowd control among a plethora of other concerns.

To help support the health and sustainability of mass gatherings, emergency plans need to be in place. Having medical professionals, medical resources, and security personnel onsite are already requirements in many states. Being prepared for the worst is not only about social safety, it is about social justice.

The Art of Mass Gatherings Emergency readiness


Gatherings carry immense power. They bring together people to share, celebrate, debate, rally, sing, dance, and more. Gatherings help communities thrive, and have taken on a very important role in our society- perhaps more now than ever. It is easier than ever before to identify, connect with, and nurture communities in all their shapes and sizes. And when groups come together, with authentic, non-digital, real life interactions, the results can be truly powerful.

However, with great power lies dormant vulnerability. Gatherings can be ecstatic, life-giving experiences but they can also be a forum for disaster. They can elevate a community’s sense of pride and identity, and they can also be a source of enormous waste and missed opportunities.

AOMG at Pride fest denver 2019 crowd shot


Mass gatherings are a ripe training ground for skill sharing between creatives, event producers, and the agencies and businesses that serve our communities. The Art of Mass Gatherings Symposium is unique in that it offers participants the chance to be a part of an experiential learning model, a learning style that offers users a transformative experience.

To become well versed at event preparedness, it’s necessary to connect with lots of different experts, each with their own expertise. Symposiums are hosted at an event so participants can have a direct, concrete experience as well as the chance to observe and reflect upon what they’ve seen and learned. Concrete experience coupled with reflection is important in conceptualizing plans for subsequent events.


Together with Performing Arts Readiness, Majestic Collaborations will host seven, fully funded symposiums around the United States, and Canada, thanks to funding from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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