Half-day to multi-day workshops teach in-depth courses in specific content areas, such as event and emergency electrics; harm reduction and gender safety; and emergency plans for venues and festivals.

Majestic Collaborations convenes local subject matter experts and physical resources to teach workshops focused on specific skills. These workshops typically occur after a symposium to continue developing the local network of experts, but they can happen anytime. The purpose of these workshops is to fortify local expertise which can be called upon for events or in emergencies. Workshop topics will be determined based on local interest and need.

Emergency Preparedness Readiness feat The Art of Mass Gatherings

Performers, organizers, promoters, vendors, audiences, and even the public can be leveraged with proper planning and communication. Providing clear understanding of the myriad of systems involved, including water, waste, electricity, communications, and shelter will allow everyone to collaborate better in times of celebration and crisis.


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