The Art of Mass Gatherings

The participation of event producers, preservation professionals, police/fire/paramedics, parks, planners, people of color, presenters and performers is paramount to the potency of this preparedness program.

What is it?

This experiential and immersive model is the first of its kind to use festivals as classrooms to activate an arts-focused approach to resilience and emergency preparedness. People who set up festivals are skilled at creating temporary cities with all of the necessary infrastructure such as water, waste, power, and structures. When we gather together to share our expertise, we elevate the safe, sustainable, accessible, and community-minded outcomes of events in our communities.

Este modelo experiencial e inmersivo, es el primero de su tipo en utilizar festivales como aulas de aprendizaje para activar un enfoque centrado en las artes de la resiliencia y preparación para en casos de emergencias. Las personas que organizan festivales son hábiles para crear ciudades temporales con todos los elementos necesarios, como agua, desechos, energía e infraestructuras. Cuando nos reunimos para compartir nuestras experiencias, exaltamos los eventos seguros, sostenibles, y accesibles con resultados orientados a la comunidad.

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workshop photo featuring The Art of Mass Gatherings

Who is it for?

  • Performers
  • Organizers
  • Promoters
  • City staff
  • Emergency Responders
  • Engineers
  • Planners
  • Vendors
  • Audiences and even the public


The AOMG provides an opportunity where more diverse stakeholders can participate in community resilience.

Ultimate Goal:

Perhaps the greater, and longer-term benefit of these AOMG symposiums and workshops is that it embodies the “whole community” approach to resilience. This is an opportunity for those skilled in mass gatherings to share knowledge, join networks, and prepare to assist their own communities if impacted by an emergency, disaster, or a climate or health crisis.

The Art of Mass Gatherings is Revolutionary

Providing clear understanding of the myriad systems involved in events can optimize outcomes in times of celebration and crisis. A simple concept, but one that can change the course of event production and emergency preparedness, AOMG uses experiential learning in an immersive environment to encourage skill sharing by experts, collaboration across agencies, and activates artists and often marginalized populations to prepare to be leaders. Community resilience will rely on people who have been empowered to build knowledge, form networks and manage resources.

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The Art of Mass Gatherings for Performing Arts

[April 14, 2020]  – Majestic Collaborations and Performing Arts Readiness announce an application process for communities to request disaster resilience support and planning. Seven performing arts festivals will be selected to host a day-long symposium, free of charge for up to 50 attendees.

Gatherings like festivals, concerts, and other special events are simultaneously powerful and vulnerable. Embracing a whole community approach to safety and preparedness means helping event producers master the art of mass gatherings. The symposia feature indoor panels, presentations, and learning tours through the hosting festival led by recognized experts. PAR and MC staff work directly with local agencies, businesses, and organizations to co-develop a symposium that is intended to be locally relevant while attracting thinkers and doers who may travel in from other locales.

“Most of us are utilizing some kind of art to help us cope during this strange time of isolation. We are reading more, listening to lots of music and podcasts, and watching movies and tv shows. Unfortunately, many of those artists who are helping us cope are experiencing some of the greatest aches in our communities right now. Because it is hard to make a livable wage as an artist in the U.S., many artists have second and third jobs, many of which are also considered non-essential. The Art of Mass Gatherings was developed over the course of the last year to prepare artists to be part of emergency response in our communities so they can be in positions of leadership and continue to earn a living, even and especially when a community is experiencing a disaster.” -Matthew Kowal, President, Majestic Collaborations

Apply now to enhance your local community resilience while supporting artists and other, more traditional emergency responders, to connect and create systems for response.

Learn more here:
Apply here:


Majestic Collaborations works with arts organizations, creatives, and agencies to develop emergency action, business continuity, and disaster response plans. They provide training, consulting, advising, and guidance for staff, Boards, and volunteers. Utilizing surveys, assessments, and expert partners, they help identify and contextualize the risks and needs of performing arts and cultural entities. These partnerships and collaborations are the basis upon which they have created initiatives such as The Art of Mass Gatherings. They are working diligently to collaboratively refine industry best practices while building diverse networks to better address climate and health crises. Denver Arts & Venueshas been a host and collaborator throughout this project.

The Performing Arts Readiness project helps performing arts organizations learn how to protect their assets, sustain operations, and be prepared for emergencies. The Performing Arts Readiness (PAR) project was formed in the recognition that performing arts organizations can be especially vulnerable to disasters and emergencies of all kinds, resulting in destabilizing or catastrophic loss of income and assets. As important community centers, places of business, and cultural anchors, the PAR project seeks to empower these organizations in a variety of ways, including community engagement, grants, webinars, planning tools and expert mentoring.

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