Video Resources

The Art of Mass Gatherings en San Juan

Video recordings from sessions at the Art of Mass Gatherings en San Juan, held on 2 December 2022 in partnership with Taller Comunidad La Goyco, the Heritage Emergency National Task Force (HENTF), and Performing Arts Readiness. Click on any video card below to view the recordings here or on Youtube.


Wayfinding information, time to get to know each other, and an introduction to the Art of Mass Gatherings, including the 4 pillars of resilient gatherings: Safety, Sustainability, Accessibility, and Community Engagement.

Alternative Local Development

How autonomous solar energy in Puerto Rico underpins an approach to projects for the community. Presented by Dr. Arturo Massol, Executive Director of Casa Pueblo, in conversation with the hosts of the event and the audience. In Spanish


Eliminating barriers: How can we produce events that are more accessible to peole with disabilities? Presented by Jessica Wallach, Accessibility Coordinator for The Art of Mass Gatherings, Betzaida Ramos Chárriez, Executive Director, Movement for the Outreach of Independent Living (MAVI), and Orlando Gonzalez, Executive Director of Ecléctico Internacional Inc. Introductions in English, presentations in Spanish

Cooking for Events & Emergencies

Feeding the people in Puerto Rico after an emergency: the cases of hurricanes María and Fiona. Presented by Chef José Enrique, José Enrique Restaurant and #chefsporpuertorico, and Maritza Martínez, chef of the Taller Comunidad La Goyco cafeteria. Intro in English, presentation in Spanish

Interview with Wayne Firestone

We interview playwright Wayne Firestone, who participated in the Art of Mass Gatherings in San Juan, about the intersections across culture, the arts, and climate. We also talk about his experience of the Art of Mass Gatherings approach to asset mapping, and how it can support community resilience.

Interview: Designing for Neurodiversity

At the San Juan International Day of People with Disabilities, we catch up with Daisy Gonzalez, who explains why her superpower is being a mom to an autistic child! She shares some observations and highlights of her own experience when it comes to planning for neurodiversity at public events. In English

Interview: ASL & Alternative Communications

At the San Juan International Day of People with Disabilities, lawyer Juan José Troche tells us about how the inclusion of ASL are making an impact in everyday life and emergency preparedness in Puerto Rico. In addition to his legal practice, Juan serves as the technical director of the liason office between the Puerto Rican government and the Deaf community. Featuring spoken and signed interpretation in Spanish and spoken English