The Art of Mass Gatherings Podcast

From Coachella to Carnivale, festivals sit at the crossroads of community, cultural tradition, and social transformation. As temporary towns and cities, they’re also windows into a community’s resilience against disaster and climate change.

Since 2017, the Art of Mass Gatherings has been touring the United States, building community resilience and climate change preparedness through the arts, culture, food, and festivals. In 2024, we’re taking this innovative program to the airwaves for you to experience from wherever you are in the world.

In this podcast, we’ll visit beloved community festivals across the country, going behind the scenes with event producers and emergency preparedness professionals. Each episode we’ll bring you their stories– and take a deep dive into the practices and possibilities that make these events a critical tool for communities to build resilience against the impacts of extreme climate events and civil disruptions. The foundation of all Art of Mass Gatherings is our unique four pillar framework for resilient gatherings: safety, sustainability, accessibility, and community engagement.