Press Kit

The Art of Mass Gatherings

The Art of Mass Gatherings is a touring experiential symposium that uses festivals as classrooms to build community resilience and climate change preparedness. These events bring together a variety of professionals—including artists, event producers, and emergency responders— for a day of hands-on learning and networking. Participants meet one another and share knowledge and practices that increase the safety, accessibility, sustainability, and community engagement of large gatherings of people.

Hundreds of people in nine cities across the country have already participated in this innovative program, developed by Majestic Collaborations and supported by Performing Arts Readiness. FEMA featured our work in its Arts & Experiential Learning Inspiration Book

Where We’ve Been

What It Looks Like

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For Inquiries

Matthew Ché Kowal

Co-founder of Majestic Collaborations
(303) 351-2172