The Art of Mass Gatherings in North Carolina

The Art of Mass Gatherings in North Carolina

Produced in partnership with the NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (NCDNCR) and Performing Arts Readiness (PAR), our North Carolina program brought us across the state for experiential learning & networking between NC’s richly diverse community of event producers, arts & cultural workers, and emergency planners. Thank you to all the participants & presenters who made this program such a success!

Experiential Resilience Training

We hosted onsite experiential learning opportunities at four beloved North Carolina festivals, starting with the NC Folk Festival in Greensboro. Explore templates, presentations, and other resources from our most recent NC events, whose locations reflect the diverse ecosystems of the state.

Arts & Cultural Resilience Map

Our unique approach to community asset mapping invites arts, events, culture, and emergency professionals to track the people, places, and things that can be important community assets during disaster.

The State of the State of NC’s Mass Gatherings

An online capstone event held on November 29th 2023

Takeaways from industry pros

Lessons on how to host a resilient gathering from event producers & professionals across the state.

Breakout networking session

Reconnect with participants from our NC Art of Mass Gatherings events or meet new colleagues in our community breakout sessions.

Share cultural assets

Make sure you and your organization are on our map of North Carolina arts & cultural assets. Learn more about our approach to community asset mapping.

Unlock resources

From event checklists to accessibility worksheets, speaker slides, and more, explore all the materials from our statewide program!

The foundation of allĀ Art of Mass Gatherings is our unique four pillar framework for resilient gatherings: safety, sustainability, accessibility, and community engagement. These factors are critical for the safety and success of public gatherings of all kinds, from festivals to political demonstrations to disaster response sites.

During events, participants engage hands-on with useful practices for increasing mass gathering resilience through these four pillars. They are also the foundation of our unique approach to community asset mapping.

Program Partners

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