Getting Here

The Art of Mass Gatherings in Boston

Loft of the David Friend Recital Hall

Third floor of the David Friend Recital Hall (Genko Uchida building), 921 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02115


There is a sign above the doorway of the building that says “Genko Uchida Building.” Upon entering the building, you’ll find yourself in the David Friend Recital Hall. Our event takes place in the Loft on the third floor.

By public transit:

Take the Green Line to the Hynes Convention Center stop. Exit left onto Massachusetts Avenue and turn left on Boylston Street. Continue up the street until arriving at the David Friend Recital Hall. The #1 bus to Massachusetts Avenue is another good option.

By private vehicle:

Street parking is limited in this area! See driving and parking details provided by the Berklee Performing Arts Center. Please note that exact parking details may not be accurate as there is currently construction in the area.

Upon entering the building

Elevators are to the left immediately upon entering the building. There is signage and you can also ask the security guard or BAMS CONX volunteers if you need help finding anything.

Only the left elevator is ADA accessible (take it to floor 3A); the right elevator also goes to the Loft but requires that you walk up four steps upon arriving to the third floor.


When you enter David Friend Recital Hall, take the elevator on the left to floor 3A. The side door of the elevator will open when you arrive to floor 3A, placing you in the Loft. Elevators are to the left upon entering the building. There is signage and you can also ask the security guard or BAMS CONX volunteers if you need help finding anything.

There are accessible bathrooms on the same floor as the Loft.

Accessible Parking

There are extremely limited accessible street parking spaces, currently further complicated due to construction. Please plan to arrive early to secure a space. Contact our Accessibility Coordinator Jessica Wallach if we can be of support: (240) 481-3918 or

The venue shared the following reminders with us: Massachusetts law allows vehicles with proper disabled parking authority to disregard most, but not all, public meter fees. Note, however, that the Massachusetts Port Authority does not exempt meter fees for disabled parking. Do not park in a cross-hatch area (zebra stripe) adjacent to an HP space. This area is reserved for van ramp access.

Franklin Park Playstead

Pierpont Rd, Boston, MA 02119, United States

View detailed instructions on for arriving! Biking, public transit, and walking are highly encouraged: there will be extremely limited parking available near the festival site.

Once you’re at the Franklin Park Playstead, our tent is really close to Stage B, heading towards the Vendor Village. You can also look out for the big shipping container mural that says BAMS FEST.”

What you’re looking for:

Location relative to Stage B


You’ve probably already been in touch with Jessica, our Accessibility Coordinator. Call her at (240) 481-3918 when you arrive at the accessibility dropoff points to coordinate a golf cart to bring you to our tent.

Free parking (available on a first-come first-served basis) for all patrons with disabilities will located in a designated lot between Playstead Field and the Giraffe entrance of Franklin Park Zoo.  When entering the Event site, vehicles with patrons needing access to this lot must show their up-to-date handicapped license plate or placard, or other state-issued identification. The holder of the placard or identification MUST BE a passenger in the vehicle. Violation of any ADA placard or license carries a fine of up to $500.