The Art of Mass Gatherings

Experiential education & consulting to enhance community resilience through events

What is it?

A touring experiential symposium that uses festivals as classrooms to build community resilience and climate change preparedness. The Art of Mass Gatherings brings together a variety of professionals involved in producing mass gatherings—including artists, event producers, and emergency professionals— for a day of hands-on learning. It invites them to meet one another and share knowledge and practices that increase the safety, accessibility, sustainability, and community engagement of large gatherings of people.

We’ve created a guided overview to tour you through the core ideas behind The Art of Mass Gatherings.

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Resilient Infrastructure Design

Investing in parks is a powerful way to increase the resilience of your city or town. We use festivals and events as “stress tests” to assess local capacities for resilience. Our experience hosting and collaborating with hundreds of festivals across the country has highlighted a number of concrete priorities for park redesign plans that will significantly expand capacity for equitable disaster response and recovery.