Next Steps to Resilience

We’re excited to continue the conversation about how our unique method for building community resilience through arts and events can best help serve your community. Learn more below about our service options and let us know what ideas most resonate with your needs. You can also find this information in our downloadable Service Deck.

Park or Event Audits

We’ll conduct a collaborative resilience audit of a park or event in partnership with local stakeholders across municipal arts, culture, event, and emergency sectors. The resulting report identifies resilience strengths and vulnerabilities and provides actionable recommendations for how the event and/or infrastructure can contribute to broader community emergency preparedness and resilience objectives.

Municipal toolkit & resources

Development in collaboration with local governance of a municipal toolkit, guidelines, and suite of online resources for events in public spaces. See an example! We can also guide the process to ensure equitability, including gradual rollouts over the course of 1-2 years and having outreach and learning opportunities before enforcement .

Mobile Resilience Hub

Design/Build workshops and training for a Four Pillars Mobile Resilience Hub which could be used at festivals and in emergency response. This unit contains infrastructure that can be deployed to create more accessible, safe, and sustainable mass gatherings.

National Summit

We’re looking for cities ready to host the first-ever Art of Mass Gatherings national summit. This event would bring together world-class professionals across the events and emergency response space, creating a place to exchange questions and practices around actively increasing their community’s emergency preparedness through safe, sustainable, accessible, and community responsive events.

Workforce Development

A workforce development program that crosstrains people for careers in public health, infrastructure, and the arts, culture, and events.

How can we best help serve your community next?